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Most frequent questions and answers for Care & Maintenance.

Thank you for choosing and purchasing QUARTZ PLUS counters. We are pleased to confirm the following terms and conditions of the QUARTZ PLUS Ten Years Warranty, which is applicable only to our products. Please complete the attached Warranty Registration Form and send back to our office within 30 days of the installation to enable us to provide you with the greatest level of support on your new purchase. This Warranty will be effective upon receipt of the filled Warranty Registration Form. Please take the time to read following document carefully. In case you have any questions or in the unlikely event of a problem with your new counters, please send your email to: or contact our office by phone at 978-677-7540.

PART ONE: Care and Maintenance Guideline

1. Taking Care of Your Quartz Surface: QUARTZ PLUS is a 91% – 95% quartz based product that has outstanding properties to ensure ease of maintenance and longevity. Comparing with many kinds of natural stones, the ever-lasting finish only requires a simple upkeep to maintain its integrity. It will withstand exposure to tea, soda, wine, vinegar, lemon juice and strongly colored spices.

2. Routine Care and Maintenance: QUARTZ PLUS requires no sealing or special cleaning product to renew the luster and it is simple to clean. For routine cleaning, use small quantities of non-bleach, non-abrasive cleaners together with warm water and a damp cloth or sponge. Liquid spills including fruits, wines, vegetables, food colorings, etc. should be wiped up and cleaned with a mild detergent and water immediately after detection.

3. Preventing Heat Damage: QUARTZ PLUS is more heat resistant than other natural stone surfaces including most kinds of granite, marble and limestone and it is not affected by temperatures lower than 110℃. However, like all stone materials, the Quartz Surface stone can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. Therefore, protective trivets and heat pads must always be used underneath cookware when placing hot items on the QUARTZ PLUS surface. We suggest that hot pots, electric frying pans, oven trays and pans never be directly placed on the counter top surface, as prolonged or sudden extreme temperature changes can permanently damage the material which is not covered under this warranty.

4. Preventing Scratches: Quartz Plus is a highly scratch resistant surface. However, avoid abuse of the surface by refraining from using very sharp objects such as knives on the surface. The use of cutting boards and taking care not drop or move any heavy objects on the surface will help ensure the long-lasting beauty of your QUARTZ PLUS counters, which has been designed to withstand normal daily use and whilst it is resistant to scratches, cuts and chipping, cutting directly on the QUARTZ PLUS surface should be always be avoided.

5. Preventing Chemicals: Strong chemicals and solvents can cause damage to QUARTZ PLUS. Paint remover, paint and stain strippers, nail polish removers, bleach, furniture cleaners, oil soaps, permanent markers, oven cleaners, drain cleaners and chemicals with high alkaline PH levels are a few examples of products that could damage the surface. If a strong chemical or solvent is spilled on your QUARTZ PLUS surface, rinse immediately with plenty of water then follow up with the normal cleaning procedures.

6. Removing Difficult Spills and Stains: If normal cleaning procedures do not work on stubborn or dried spills, use a non-abrasive cleaning pad such as a household sponge, along with a common mild cream cleanser or a glass and surface cleaner. Should chewing gum, nail polish, or similar substances adhere to the surface, they can be removed with a plastic scraper. Gently scrape off the substance and then follow the routine cleaning procedures listed above. Magic Erasers also are very helpful to remove stubborn stains. In case the stains persist after following the above procedures then, as a last alternative, the spot use of acetone may be successful. Testing on an inconspicuous area first is highly recommended prior to following this step.

PART TWO: Terms and Conditions

QUARTZ PLUS hereby furnishes a limited warranty to any original purchaser of the Quartz Plus Surfaces that the products will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.

1. For the Avoidance of Doubt:

a. This Warranty is available only to the original owner of the residence in which the Product has been originally installed.

b. In case of a newly constructed residence, this Warranty is available for the first owner who purchased the residence from a builder or developer with the product permanently installed.

c. a domestic residence shall relate to any location which is a private residence used for familial habitation and for no commercial purpose whatsoever.

2. Terms and Conditions: This warranty shall:

a. Only apply to products which were installed in a residence for private use;

b. Expire upon transfer of ownership of the residence to any third party or after a period of 10 years from date of installation has elapsed, whichever the earlier;

c. Not be valid in instances where the product has not been paid in full;

d. Be subject to the terms and conditions herein contained always.

3. This Warranty Shall Apply for Interior Use and Only When the Product is:

a. Properly installed and not moved from the original installation;

b. Maintained in accordance with the mentioned Care and Maintenance, which forms part of this warranty;

c. Used solely for the specific purpose of countertop;

4. Manufacturing Defects: QUARTZ PLUS warrants that the Products are free from manufacturing defects. However, this does not apply to color variations, thermal shock, chemical abuse or defects caused by misuse, negligence, or vandalism. QUARTZ PLUS reserves the right in its sole discretion to determine whether there are any such defects and whether there have been any misuse and further claims for visible defects of the Product must be made before any fabrication or installation of the Product.

5. Exclusions: This Warranty does not cover:

a. Damages to the Product caused by any work done by any contractors other than GRANITE PLUS;
b. QUARTZ PLUS takes no responsibility for the installation done by anyone other than GRANITE PLUS;
c. Any damages to the product caused from it being used for flooring, outdoor applications or any application involving exposure of the Product to ultraviolet radiation, chemicals. flames, or excessive heat;
d. Discoloration of the product due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight;
e. Any modification or alteration to the surface of the product (Ex: grooving the surface for drain boards, etc.);
f. Damage done to the product caused by prolonged exposure to chemicals and solvents;
g. Damage to the product caused by not following the cleaning instructions listed in this Warranty;
h. Damages done by placing hot saucepans and pans directly on the surface and/or sudden change in the temperature, excessive heat or excessive weight applied onto the surface;
i. Damages caused by mishandling or misuse;
j. Failure to follow the Care and Maintenance listed in the Warranty;
k. Failure of adhesive, caulking materials, or damages caused by the accessories installed;
l. Damages caused by vandalism, misuse or accidents including, fractures, burns, scratches, stains, cuts, scuffs of the product;
m. The appearance of a crack does not imply faulty materials. Cracks are generally associated due to ground movement or settlement. Thus, limited warranty does not include cracks developed in the tops after installation;
n. Damages caused from using products which contain trichloroethane or methylene chloride (such as paint removers) or cleaning agents that contain high alkaline/pH levels;

6. Time to Claim Under the Warranty: You must make any claims under this Warranty within 28 days after occurrence of an event which gives rise to a claim pursuant to the Warranty, by notice in writing received by GRANITE PLUS at 9 Progress Ave, Chelmsford, MA 01824.

7. Without Prejudice: QUARTZ PLUS may in its absolute discretion supply replacement materials free of charge, as a gesture of goodwill to help facilitate a resolution for any disputes. This offer will be studied and determined on a case by case basis by QUARTZ PLUS management only. This offer is limited and does not include transportation, fabrication, installation or any other associated charges for trades, removal of existing Product, nor do we take any responsibility for any damages caused by the other parties in the process of replacing the product. This offer cannot be exchanged for cash compensation, and is limited to slabs only. As this is a voluntary offer, we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice. This is a onetime offer per site. QUARTZ PLUS may determine that a replacement product may not be reasonably available in the same color or shape as the original product. In case QUARTZ PLUS determines that a replacement product is not available, QUARTZ PLUS reserves the right to provide replacement product of as close as shape and color match as is reasonably possible from the current stock range in satisfaction of its obligations under this limited warranty. This offer will be available for consideration for the original purchaser of the Product and is not valid for the subsequent owners. In making this offer, it does not confer any obligation to any third party to provide any services or costs whatever, nor does it imply that there is any liability for any third party because we have provided the materials free of charge.

8. Procedure Aspects in Respect of the Warranty: To activate the warranty, all fields must be completed returned to GRANITE PLUS, by mail or email to

Upon receipt of the Warranty Registration Form by QUARTZ PLUS, acknowledgment will be sent back to the e-mail address on the Completed Form. This acknowledgment will serve as proof of registration.